The Pink Granite Coast

The Pink Granite Coast begins at Trébeurden where there is a protected nature site of an exceptional beauty. While walking on the coastal path discover beautiful and spectacular landscapes. Here the coast and the sea are dotted with pink granite rocks, shaped by wind and waves over the ages.


A few minutes from the beach of Pors-Mabo, make a stop to taste the local goat cheese made by Christophe Briand before continuing to the magnificent sight over "La pointe de Bihit". The path will lead you to Castel, a granite peninsula with a varied vegetation which is mostly continental on the northern side, sheltered from the sea spray, and mostly maritime on the southern side, exposed to the open sea. If you have enough time, explore the island of Millau at low tide and discover a gallery grave dating from around 3,000 years B.C., bearing testimony to the presence of Neolithic men in the area.


On the "Sentier des Douaniers" you could admire many strange rocks including "le père Trébeurden", a granite block sculpted by erosion. From the top, there is a magnificent view over the beach of Tresmeur and the marina. Continue to the beach of Tresmeur which faces south-west and is made of extremely fine sand. Try Danièle's crêpes then return via the port and the beach at Pors Termen to finally arrive at le Manoir Lan Kerellec. There is an amazing view to the islands of Millau and Molène.  The south-west side of the Manoir assures you a superb view over the island of Milliau where the lush vegetation is dotted with pink granite, and over the island of Molène where you could see magnificent sunsets.


From the Manor, the tides provide two daily shows of their own. At low tide, vast expanses of sand and rocks are unveiled - perfect for a long stroll. At high tide, the sea takes its course and magnificently fills the space.

Luce and Gilles Daubé welcome you to le Manoir de Lan Kerellec, an exceptional location on the Pink Granite Coast, in a family residence with a unique charm and elegance, dating from the end of the nineteenth century.

As with all rooms in the hotel, the dining room, with a ceiling carved to resemble the upturned hull of a ship, overlooks a Breton landscape comprising wild islands and colours of rare intensity. Imbued with the spirit of the open sea, Mathieu Kergourlay's gastronominic cuisine invites your senses to continue their voyage of discovery.

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